When you know your marketing team is missing out on the fundamentals.

When your marketers jump straight to tactics, they miss the underlying issues that are hurting the brand.

Without taking enough time to think strategically, marketers fail to build on their brand’s core strength, create a bond with consumers, win the competitive battles, or improve the business situation of the brand.

When brands try to be everything to anyone, they end up being nothing to everyone.

Without a clearly defined brand positioning, the brand never establishes an ideal reputation with consumers. This allows competitors to define the brand. The execution team lacks direction, so the brand messaging appears random and confusing to consumers.

When your marketers try to do too many things in their plan, none have enough resources to make an impact.

Marketing plans that fail to make firm decisions spread their limited resources across so many tactics, that none of the ideas create a big enough impact to make a difference. With a lack of vision, the plan meanders and confuses those who work behind the scenes of the brand.

When marketing execution is not organized and aligned to the strategy, everyone operates in silos.

The brand communication, new product innovation, and sales never gain the benefit of working together. Consumers get frustrated by the disjointed execution, and they never feel connected to the brand.

When your marketers don’t go deep on analytics they miss the underlying issues facing the brand.

They miss out on understanding the consumer trends, competitive dynamics, evolving technologies, shopper channels, and brand performance. The problems fester and the untapped opportunities are stolen away by competitors.

We have designed our marketing training program to build the fundamental skills that will help your team reach their full potential.

Beloved Brands Marketing Training Agenda

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Our marketing training focuses on the fundamentals.

The five marketing skill areas that our Beloved Brands Marketing Training focuses on.

Strategic Thinking

Our marketing training teaches how to ask tough strategic questions to slow everyone down and engage in debate of options to move forward. To start, your marketers need to be able to change brain speeds. They need to engage a slower strategic thinker style to uncover the issues holding back a brand. We provide various thinking tools so they approach strategy in a thoughtful, analytical way. We introduce our Strategic ThinkBox that allows marketers to interrogate their brand. Importantly, our ThinkBox pushes them to take a holistic look at the brand’s core strength, competitive landscape, tightness of the consumer bond, and business situation.

Brand Positioning

Our brand positioning process teaches how to decide on the target market, consumer benefits, and reasons to believe. To start, your marketers will learn to define the ideal consumer and frame the definition with their biggest needs, consumer insights and their enemy. Then, we provide our benefit cheatsheets to help learn how to discover the functional benefits and emotional benefits that a brand can deliver. Importantly, marketers need to make a decision on trying to stake out a unique space that is motivating to consumers, and ownable for the brand.

Next, we teach how to use our brand idea tool and show how it helps to communicate the brand idea to everyone across the organization. It’s a great organizing tool for everyone who works on the brand–including sales, R&D, operations or communication agencies. Finally, your marketers will learn how to take the brand positioning work and translate it into a brand concept, brand story, and a brand credo.

Marketing Plans

We see the marketing plan is a decision-making tool on how a brand will spend their limited resources. Moreover, the marketing plan communicates the expectations to everyone who works on the brand. Importantly, we teach marketers how to put together the vision, purpose, goals, key issues, strategies and marketing execution plans. They will learn how to write key issue questions and strategic statements that forms the foundation of the marketing plan. In addition, our marketing training provides various marketing planning templates including our one-page brand plan and ideal Marketing Plan presentation deck.

Marketing Execution

Our marketing execution training starts with the concept of our Marketing PlayBox that matches up to the Strategic ThinkBox. To keep marketers on strategy throughout the execution stages, our Marketing PlayBox helps find in-the-box ideas that meet four dimensions: they are focused on our target, fit with the brand, deliver the message, and execute the strategy.

To start, we show how the creative brief sets up the PlayBox, serving as the bridge between the plan and execution. We go through the creative brief line-by line  and give marketers examples of the best and worst. Importantly, they will learn to use our Creative Checklist to help make smarter decisions on creative communications. We teach how to give feedback to your agency based on gaps they see with the checklist. Learn to make media decisions that match up to your consumer’s purchase journey. In addition, we provide a similar Innovation Checklist to compare innovation ideas.

Brand Analytics

Our comprehensive brand analytics training teaches marketers how to lead a deep-dive business review. We outline the best analytical thinking so you can become a well-rounded marketer. Learn to look at the marketplace, consumer analytics, channels of distribution, competitors or other brands in their industry. And, learn to assess the brand itself. Importantly, marketers will learn how marketing funnels can help assess the brand’s performance. We provide our best 64 analytical questions that marketers can ask of their brand. Finally, we show how to understand the financial performance indicators of the brand.

Start with our Marketing Skills assessment tool to see how you or your marketing team measures up

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Contact information

For more information on our Beloved Brands Marketing Training programs, click on this link to email Graham Robertson: Graham@beloved-brands.com

The smarter your marketing team, the better the results you will see!

If you are running a marketing team, you know that you need the best performance from everyone. With our Beloved Brands marketing training, you will see your team make smarter decisions and produce exceptional work that drives business growth. Our brand management training teaches the marketing skills to help your people gain the confidence they need to reach their full potential.

At Beloved Brands, we use the fundamentals of marketing to unlock your team’s potential so they deliver their best possible performance.

The five core marketing skill areas we focus on:

  • Strategic Thinking.
  • Brand Positioning.
  • Marketing Planning.
  • Marketing Execution.
  • Brand Analytics.
marketing training brand management training

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Get access to the best-in-class marketing training

At Beloved Brands, our marketing training focuses on essential marketing skills that you team needs to be successful in their roles. This is not a theory or academic program. Our program is built for the real world of marketing. We provide concepts, ideas, and tools to help your marketing leaders gain added confidence as they head back to their jobs. 

Whatever we teach, we get participants to immediately try it out in the session. We use workbooks with key exercises they can use on the brand they work on. Importantly, we use lots of live feedback on their answers to ensure they fully understand each concept.

Graham Robertson brings his real-world marketing experience, having led some of the world’s most beloved brands at Coke, General Mills, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson, rising up to VP Marketing.