Brand Consulting

We bring clarity to how to use your brand to win.

Everyone who works on the business must know what your brand stands for. Every employee, every partner, and every customer. As a brand consultant, we make sure that everyone on your team knows the strategies you are investing in. We build a plan so they know their role in delivering those strategies

We start by defining your ideal customer profile. Then, we help build a brand positioning statement, balanced with functional and emotional benefits. Most importantly, we create a brand idea that can be echoed by every employee.

We help you make decisions in building a strategic plan that everyone in your company can follow. Our strategies lay out the investment, focus, market impact, and performance result.

I know the best answers are in you. Essentially, my role as a brand consultant is to help you find those answers. And turn them into smarter brand strategies so you can win.

Marketing Training

We will make your marketing team smarter so they deliver their best possible performance on your brand. Then, we coach them to ensure the skills are embedded into their work.

Our marketing training program will help your team make the right decisions and produce exceptional work that leads to higher growth for the brands they work on.

At Beloved Brands, we train marketers on the best ways to think, define, plan, execute and analyze. Your marketing team will learn how to think strategically, how to define your brand positioning, how to write a strategic marketing plan, how to make smart, creative  advertising decisions, and how to use marketing analytics your brand.

We will help your marketing team reach their full potential so they will deliver stronger growth on their brands. Our most popular marketing training program is our 4-day boot camp, but we also offer 1, 2, or 3 day sessions.

One big difference we make is to offer focused marketing training that is specific to consumer brands, B2B brands, or Healthcare brands. Each paths focus on the specific issues those type of brands face. We use specific examples to those business models.